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eXenSa has one more PhD !

Morgane Marchand, recently hired at eXenSa, has just defended her Thesis at University Paris XI. Welcome to the club ! Thanks to her, eXenSa is now again slighlty predominantly ruled by PhDs ! Congratulations from the whole team....
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eXenSa takes part in DataTechs meetup organization

As a Tech'Mentor of the Epitech Innovation Hub, Guillaume Pitel co-organizes DataTechs with Nicolas Kamennoff, a new  meetup about Data, Big Data, Data Science and Machine Learning. The goal of the meetup is to bring students and beginners together to help them discover Data with 4 differents points of view : [arrow_list]
  • Products
  • Business cases
  • Technologies
  • Algorithms
[/arrow_list] Certes, vous...
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Website in the works

If you're a bit thorough in the exploration of our new website, you'll notice that we haven't finished to fill all the gaps yet. We've had a bit of a downtime lately, and since we have a lot of interesting work to do currently, the website is not a top priority. We are going to complete...
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