Guillaume Pitel is the founder of eXenSa, and the creator of the algorithm at the core of eXenGine. He is a Computer Scientist (from the EPITA school) with a passion for performance (parallelism and GPGPU), he has a PhD (from Paris XI University) in Computer Science / Computational Linguistics, and an executive MBA from Epitech.

He works on all fields related to eXenGine :

  • Machine Learning problems for NCISC, the core algorithm (currently working on an online version leveraging eXenSa new Count-Min sketch) with both the embedding computation and information injection
  • Fast clustering for approximate nearest neighbours
  • Fast Approximate nearest neighbours search
  • Data modelling for multi-faces datasets
  • Text decomposition (approximate string search)
  • Multi-model compression (combine several models into one)
  • General Text-mining question
  • Recommender systems