What we do

  • Data Science / Machine learning
    • Text mining
    • Recommender systems
    • Big data algorithms (approximate nearest neighbours, approximate counting, ...)
    • Information Retrieval
    • Fast search in billions of elements
    • Fast text analysis
  • High performance and large scale computing
    • GPGPU program design and implementation
    • CPU-level parallelizing
    • Distributed computing (MPI, Map Reduce, Spark)

Latest works

  • Similarity Recommender : Influence Marketing with Augure

    We provide consulting, expertise and licensing to Augure, a leading e-marketing solution provider. In their solution, eXenGine power the influencer recommender system, as well as several search-related tools.

  • /

    We are providing expertise and consulting services for for the recommender system of the social shopping site :

  • Target2Sell : Product Recommendations

    We provide consulting and expertise to Target2Sell for their Big Data problems and to help them improve their already very effective technology.

  • Training

    We provide training sessions on GPGPU : Open CL and CUDA (with large bits of high performance programming) Apache Spark and Spark/MLLib   We have trained a lot of different…